Casa Loma, Toronto
Serving the Children of the World



As an iconic 100-year-old castle, Casa Loma is renowned as a location for the filming of movies and TV shows. Major areas for filming include the Great Hall, the Library, the Conservatory, the towers, and the magnificent gardens. In addition, there are many unique rooms and furniture. 

The great organ, secret passageways and some spooky areas do seem ideal for ghost stories and horror movies. The number of movies filmed here is too long to list but memorable examples include Chicago, X-men, Maximum Risk, Extreme Measures, Coast to Coast, Johnny Mnemonic, Possessed, RoboCop, Skulls and Toxedo. These movies featured stars such as Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry, Jackie Chan, Carol Kane and Brad Garrett, just to name of few. In the recent TV series The Kennedys, Casa Loma was used extensively and this includes memorable scenes where President Kennedy (Greg Kinnear) meets Khrushchev. Episodes from many TV shows have been filmed here; for instance Being Erica, Due South, Forever Knight, Ghost Trackers, Kung Fu, La Femme Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries, Relic Hunter, and Warehouse 13. It is also a prime site for the filming of Christmas scenes and TV commercials.

Children love the castle and numerous children stories have been filmed at Casa Loma. Cinderella has been seen here, apparently looking for a shoe, and there are even rumours that a little mouse named Angelina is hiding somewhere in the castle…